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[Oneshot] A Battle Of Love

A Battle of Love
by. Matsuyama Retha
Type: Oneshot
Genre: Romance, Fluff, (Little bit) Violence
Rated: NC-16
Fandom: Johnny’s Jr. and 48Family
Abe Aran (Johnny’s Jr.)
Author as Matsumoto Rinne (OC)
Meguro Ren (Johnny’s Jr.)
Iwahashi Genki (Johnny’s Jr.)
Ayu Ratna Dewi Utami as Takahashi Yuri
Takuya Mizuno as Matsumoto Mizuno (OC)
Murashige Anna (HKT48) ß \(OAO\)

Disclaimer :
Just have a story and also Abe Aran XDDv
This FF special for Abe Aran birthday at August, 30th 2014 (17 years old) XDv Continue reading