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[Oneshot] Reach to Your Heart

23134725_1499621580133408_1782316296_o_副本Reach to Your Heart

By : Matsuyama Retha

Fluff, Romance, School Life

Rated : PG-17

Hashimoto Ryo, Igari Soya (HiHi JET); Matsui Minato (Johnny’s Jr.);  Haruno Sakura (OC); Sugimoto Airi (Amuse)

Disclaimer    :

  • Hashimoto Ryo & Matsui Minato are belong to Johnny’s Entertainment, Sugimoto Airi belongs to Amuse Inc., and OC is my character XD
  • FF special birthday buat dedek Ryo yg udah jd abege XD /hush
  • This FF is Ryo’s POV sampai ending ❤
  • Happy reading & don’t forget to comment ❤



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